Share the story
behind your pictures
  with PixStori.

“It’s like sending a time capsule to your
kids in the future”. – Young mother

What is PixStori?

Every picture has a story to tell. Now you can tell that story in your own voice and share it now and for the future. You start with a picture, then record your story and add a text caption. That’s a PixStori. It’s for sharing pictures and stories.

To remember. To explore. To share. To explain. To discover. And just for fun, too!

“PixStori is the perfect app for
#throwbackthursday.” – Twenty-five Year Old

How to Make a PixStori


Take a picture from your
camera or your camera roll.


Record your story.


Facebook, Instagram, or email

“This is better than Vine. I don’t have to look
good for six whole seconds”. – Teen

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